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In the recent times, there is an increasing incidence of lifestyle diseases such as, diabetes, cardio vascular diseases, hypertension, high cholesterol, behavioral läs mer problems, and obesity affecting even the younger people. Despite increasing health awareness, many people suffer from these lifestyle disorders. The changed living habits due to sedentary lifestyle, increasing job requirements and competitive living are the main culprits coming in the way of golden rules of healthy living. As we struggle to cope with the pressures of work, we often compromise on diet, exercise, rest and relaxation, making convenient but poor choices. People who fall victims to this new phenomenon get trapped with certain diseases at a younger age.

Lifestyle disorders are preventable and even reversible, if appropriate lifestyle modifications are made well in time. It has become imperative to check the disorders at early age.
At Aneja Wellness we have launched therapeutic lifestyle Management Program “Get Well Soon” ,to enable you  to achieve a full, healthy life .Aneja Wellness is offering very comprehensive and therapeutic program  which is specific to each of these medical condition not only to improve but  also reverse it .

We offer

  • Get Well Soon Package for Cardiovascular Disease
  • Get Well Soon Package for Diabetes
  • Get Well Soon Package for Hypothyroidism
  • Get Well Soon Package for PCOS
  • Get Well Soon Package for Hypertension
  • Get Well Soon Package for Osteoarthritis & Osteoporosis
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