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Everyone loves to look CompresseErezione attractive always with least efforts. Who would judge you for looking great or trying to? It is never too late to look great, and nothing can deter you from achieving it, not even the unwanted hair. With new technology and innovation, the unwanted hair can disappear and leave you more comfortable with smooth, shiny skin and with confidence. The method embrace is at your disposal, is just a matter of consulting, one call away to achieve the flawless skin you ever wanted.

Many methods can be adopted for Laser Hair Removal. Some of the methods are effective without side effect while other are not very effective at all or have far reaching side effects. The removal of the hair in most cases are not as the hair will eventually grow after some time such as after three months, a month or other duration depending on the method used although it would have played its role of hair reduction. The process of hair removal can be painless or painful depending on the method of removal that has been selected.

AT here is also new equipment developed for that are also used in the removal of hair as new technological innovation. Laser hair removal technology is one of the methods that frequently used in hair removal.


Method for Laser Hair Removal have been utilized for a long time, and the effectiveness of the tool have really improved. Initially, the method was very painful and only utilized a small range of hair type. It was only able to remove black hair on light skin. But currently, there is a wide range of laser that can be used for the removal of different hair type and even in people who have different pigment size. For example, diode laser, an alexandrite laser, ruby laser among others. The effectiveness of the laser also varies depending on the choice of the laser. The diode lesser is better as compared to the other laser types as it is less dependent on the skin pigmentation.


The preference of laser hair removal method has high precision in targeting the hair follicle through selective photothermolysis. The lenses energy can penetrate deeper into the skin thus improving the efficiency with which the hair can be removed. Even with the accuracy with which they work, grew and white hair that does not depend on the skin pigment cannot be removed using the laser method. The hair removal using laser require at least three times a year for removing newly growing hair.

The laser hair removal, is the method for removal of unwanted hair. The limitation of waxing now and then, trying different methods have now gone and no more stressing with new innovation. All the your ever wanted can be achieved at Aneja Wellness. From the high technology they use in their hair removal to the professional and highly skilled worker they have, you will receive service you can ever get. Aneja Wellness is the leading and top laser skin care clinic in India with over 23 years of experience and thousands of testimonials. With the clinic, you are in safe hands. What are you waiting for? Rush to the nearest Aneja Wellness and get the skin care service that will forever alleviate the unwanted hair problem forever.

If you would like more information of cost of Laser Hair Removal Treatment, simply fill in the contact form to the right and tell us what areas you are interested in. One of our staff members will contact you back or call us today on 01302234497 for a consultation.

Underarm Laser Trial

Other than the spending, waxing is a painful exercise. One can feel the hot wax burn the hair follicle and leave a post burn sensation after waxing. Hair removal is a necessary evil but necessarily doesn’t have to be painful or evil at all. If you are skeptical or even apprehensive about the process, try our underarm laser hair removal.

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser is the easiest and quickest way to bid goodbye to all the unwanted hair, which has destroyed more than 100 hours of your life, shaving, waxing and tweezing. Now pick and choose the area where you want laser hair reduction. You are just one step away from getting the smooth and silky skin of your dreams.

Full Body Laser

Ever calculated the amount of money we spend in salons for waxing?

An International full body waxing service ranges between INR 2000 to 3000 per month, leading to a spending of about INR 24,000 to 36,000 every year.

Aneja Wellness Full Body laser* is on the other hand a solution for couple of years and is cheaper than Waxing, offered at competitive pricing of just 49999 for 5 sessions that will drastically facilitate hair reduction and make the skin soft and smooth. Our team of experienced and professional technicians will ensure you have a pain free experience.

At Aneja Wellness, our priorities are safety, health and results. Our state-of-art laser technology is FDA Approved and a totally safe procedure. The patented ChillTip technology is designed to protect the outer layer of the skin by decreasing the surface temperature, thus making the procedure highly comfortable. Besides this, the ChillTip technology has a slight anesthetic effect which enhances the comfort level.

Our team of trained and professional Laser technicians will ensure all safety cautions are duly followed and the experience is as comfortable as possible.

Face Laser Treatment

Facial laser resurfacing offers a effective method to remove surface imperfections.

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