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The aim of Ayurvedic massages are to help break and remove the paper writer toxins within system The toxins (Ama) are understood to be leftover putrefied-food stuff chat mas de 60 por edades that has taken a grease-like form. The longer the Ama is retained in the bodies the more stubborn and harder they get and become embedded, thereby making removing them difficult, time consuming and unpleasant at times.

In Ayurvedic body massage,a suiting oil is taken and , continuous strokes and techniques, full-body steam application, followed by the herbal formula wash/scrub, is an intense, dynamic and expansive experience. Our expert therapists give holistic Ayurveda massages for the overall rejuvenation of mind and body in such a way that the negative elements pertaining to both are got rid of. We offer a variety of body massages.


In this world with full of stress ,it’s a challenge to keep our body,mind and soul relaxed .To win this challenge one should include therapeutic massage to your routine ,and you’ll feel, much healthier. So what better way to prep for a long, happy life than a relaxing, therapeutic massage? Our experienced, professional therapists customize relaxations massages to suit your body n skin (and stress relief) .


Udvartana is bacially done for weight loss .our expert therapists massage on your pressure points which involves the application of dry powdered https://your-writers.net herbs on the body .This is done with some pressure. It aims to reduce kapha dosa ,decreases fat ,Helps to soften the skin and improve the cherche passagere motarde complexion.improves catabolism and blood circulation The procedure removes the dead epithelial cells and facilitates further regeneration of newer ones.


It is similar to Swedish /relaxation massage in this our therapists use their thumb ,elbows for pressure on particular pain points or nerves or pressure areas .This technique works on deep layers of muscle tissues Main aim of this type of massage is to restore upright posture ,decrease symptoms of pain .


A traditional type of massage given with mixing kitchen herbs and domestic things which has taken an important place in todays world of beauty .It aims to removes dead skin and gives it natural glow .


This is like a facial for whole body It should not be cofused with body massage .Its a spa treatment which helps in exfoliating and hydrating your skin making it silky smooth and soft . To get all these benefits one has to ensure that you select the right polish depending on your skin type. Our experts guide you in Choosing the one that suits your skin to give additional benefits .


One possible and dreaded side effect of loosing oodles of weight is that the skin appears to sag and loose its firmness, because the subcutaneous fat available in the skin between the muscles is lost. The remedy to it is this Body Firming Therapy which facilitates a firm youthful skin which is tight and full of vigor. Specially designed appliances are used to tighten and firm the loose skin hanging over legs, stomach, thighs and buttock area; an aesthetic look will make way for enhanced confidence .

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